Here’s My Story

Rico Alfero

Bodyweight Heaven is a bodyweight, calisthenics, lifestyle and nutrition platform originally created by Rico Alfero but is now contributed to by multiple authors and is also open to the world.

If you want want to contribute, please reach out.

From Rico: I started my love for fitness from sports, and it stemmed from there. When my family first got to America, I started playing baseball, which transcended to basketball in high school.

Fitness is at the core of my life, and always will be. I’ve always been big on cycling and hiking, but as I got older, I found out that weight lifting was where my true calling was.

Don’t get me wrong, cardio is important, but the real aesthetic progress happens in the weight room.

When I made Bodyweight Heaven, it was because I decided to combine my love of cardio and weight training. I started learning something called calisthenics, and I was hooked immediately.

It’s where a lot of my personal progress has come from as well. I’m big on calisthenics, but anything that’s going to improve your health, build muscle and increase your aesthetic appeal has a place on Bodyweight Heaven.

This is where you find the best gear, the best training advice, and some of the best information available anywhere online.